Twinkle Belt Style Baby Diaper L (7-18 kg) – 36Pcs

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Product details of Twinkle Belt Style Baby Diaper L (7-18 kg) – 36Pcs

  • Product type: Belt diaper
  • Quantity per bag: 36 pcs
  • Size: L (7-18 kg)
  • Easy to use
First ever diaper with wetness indicator in Bangladesh. Savlon Twinkle is a new brand of Baby Diapers launched by ACI Hygiene Products. The diapers are made from the best quality raw materials imported from 7 different countries to ensure maximum comfort for your child, and ease for you. Savlon Twinkle Baby Diapers have a number of advanced features that make your baby’s care special.
– Advanced Wetness Indicator lets you know when the diaper is wet and when it is time to change the diaper without going through the hassle of checking the diaper yourself every time.- The diapers are Cottony Soft and has elastic ears to ensure the best fit and comfort. – The Embossed Absorbent Core absorbs the liquid instantly to keep it Healthy and Dry.- The Breathable Cover allows the flow of air, thus preventing rashes and other skin irritations.- Extra Layered Leg Rubber Guards against any leakage, making the diapers completely Leak Proof.- The Anatomic Shape and Light Design let’s your baby move around comfortably.- Savlon Twinkle Diapers can easily be put on and removed due to the Velcro Tape system which does not leave any sticky residue and is secure.- The Super Absorption Capacity means that the diapers last long hours and lets you rest easy and worry free.


Twinkle Diapers
Twinkle Diapers


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